Thursday, February 9, 2017

Strathmore + Royal Talens = The Perfect Match

We are proud to announce that we've signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Royal Talens. Together we will launch a fresh and new assortment of Strathmore papers into the European, Middle Eastern, and African market. Through this collaboration, many artists will have the chance to experience our quality made Strathmore products more easily or for the first time. The assortment will consist of existing Strathmore papers in new sizes and will be available through Royal Talens starting in April, 2017.

125 years of Strathmore Quality
During our 125 years of existence, we have built a strong reputation for top quality, consistently performing products used by many artists and hobbyists. Royal Talens will use their extensive EMEA distribution network to distribute Strathmore products. The initial paper assortment will consist of existing Strathmore papers in new sizes and updated packaging information in five languages. 
A Perfect Match

“We could not think of a better match for Strathmore than Royal Talens,” said Jim Schmitz, President and CEO of Pacon Corporation, Strathmore's parent company. “It is a company of the highest integrity and intelligent marketing. They have a great reputation for selling high quality fine art supplies, which fits perfectly with the Strathmore® brand. We look forward to building our long-term relationship with the talented professionals at Royal Talens and are excited about the opportunity to engage with a new community of artists.”

“The natural fit between Royal Talens and Strathmore could not be more perfect than it is”, said Ronald Benning, CEO of Royal Talens. “Not only geographically is this agreement a full fit, but more importantly the passion for making high quality products and combining them with very strong marketing to help customers sell and rotate more products, is something both companies have as a core competence. We are impressed by the professional craftsmanship, quality and entrepreneurship of Strathmore and see a long-lasting relation ahead of us”.

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